Pecan Gift Tins from The Nut House

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Pecans and Pecan Gift Tins make the perfect gift for Christmas or any season. At The Nut House, we strive to make our Pecans and Pecan Gift Tins ideal present for any season or situation.

Our impressive selection of "Gourmet Pecans" include seven delctable pecan products made in our kitchen using locally grown pecans. Our products are always fresh! Choose from the following pecan specialties:

  • Pecan Gift Tins - The Nut HouseRoasted Pecans

  • Spiced Pecans

  • Pecan Chocolate Clusters

  • Pecan Pralines

  • Pecan Brittle

  • White Chocolate Clusters

  • Pecan Stuffed Dates

PecansThese pecan selections can be bought in individual packages or in assortments in one of our attractive Gift Tins. Our regular Gift Tin has one, tow, or three pecan selections from the above pecan specialty list. The one-and-one-half pound Pecan Sampler Gift Tin contains portions of each of the seven Pecan Specialites in an attractive gift tin.

pecan giftsIf you're more of a do it yourself person, we offer in the shell and cracked pecans. These have been cracked on a mechanical pecan cracker and are very easy to shell. Then we have the Mammoth Pecan Halves that are completely shelled. Add our 2nd Edition Pecan Cookbook to your order to ensure that you always have the perfect pecan recipe on hand!

The Nut House Pecans and Pecan Gift Tins are availble for pick-up at The Nut House or can be shipped anywhere. Send us your mailing list and your gift shopping is done!

We had so much fun servingyou over the holidays, although it was a little hectic at times, and because so many of you asked us to, we are going to be open year-round. 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday of each week.

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